A couple of years ago, my laptop decided to shit itself.

As one might expect when a piece of hardware shits itself, I lost a whole bunch of stuff. In particular, all of my scripts I wrote specifically for speeding up boring tasks when working in Maya. Since that fateful day, I’ve battled (stubbornly) through countless sessions in Maya, manually resetting transforms, colouring controls and renaming nodes by clicking then typing like a savage.

N-no more!

It’s time to restore my script shelf to it’s former glory and as a result, reducing my time spent navigating through the wrong menus and misclicking attribute checkboxes.

What next?

Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, I thought I’d pair something I’m uncomfortable with (writing) with something I’m familiar with (rewriting old tools) to help kickstart my efforts in getting better at what I’m rubbish at (writing). Over the next few weeks, I’m going to spend some time putting together some posts that outline the reconstruction of some of my most frequently used scripts.

Here’s a list of tools that I’m looking to cover:

  • Restoring transform positions
  • Control curve colours
  • Control curve creator
  • Local rotation display within a joint hierarchy

Right! Introduction outta the way, let’s get coding. :clap: